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Saturday, July 28th, 2012

🦋 So Let's Say

So let's say you're standing now standing stock still on the front stoop
in Saugerties digging the ambient sounds of nighttime
quiet rainstorm       whirring thousandfold cicada and
let's say your skin looks yellow in the mottled light
and sight             and sight is in itself
      diffuse too diffuse
and your line of visionary darkness
and difficult
You're staring at the house across the street the stream of lovely golden monsters
and the yellow light and patchy shadow mute them
mute them dancing
and dancing
and suddenly, you're dancing

let's say you're standing like that stock still outside now
your eyes are closed now feel the length
the indentations and extension of your spine expanding
stretching backwards
filling what was void above you
and your hands,
and from your hands expanding
canvas dream hands hanging nervous
limp down by your side you feel
the energy that's pouring out
that's pouring groundward

posted evening of July 28th, 2012: 1 response
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Thursday, July 26th, 2012

🦋 Clouds above South Orange

Speaking of tormentas eléctricas, we're having a pretty dramatic one tonight. I got a nice cloudscape shot just beforehand.

(Actually the full size image of this would make a really nice wallpaper file.)

posted evening of July 26th, 2012: 6 responses
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Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

🦋 Texto invisible

Spanish Lit Month continues... At in lieu of a field guide, Rise has been poking around the dusty antiquarian book dealers' shops of Intramuros, and has discovered a most interesting manuscript folded between the pages of a tattered, dog-eared edition of Bartleby and Company. I am having trouble surpressing the urge to print out his post dozens of times over, and head down to the Barnes & Noble and fold them into the copies on the shelves -- somehow the book without this post will never seem like a complete thing to me.

posted evening of July 25th, 2012: 1 response
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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

🦋 Prospect Park Bandshell 23/7/12, Wilco y tormenta eléctrica

El técnico de iluminación ponía lo todo de su parte pero los relámpagos majestuosos y esplendorosos al oeste nos enfocaba la vista por encima y fuera del espectáculo menor. Allá permanecíamos de pie bajo la lluvia suave y escuchabamos la musica y los truenos lejanos.

posted evening of July 23rd, 2012: Respond
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Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

🦋 Communion

(written to a prompt from La universidad desconocida)

Entre estos árboles que he inventado
y que no son árboles
estoy yo.

If all the ink were wine and all the paper host
communion of the literate commences
when the printing presses close.

Beneath the trees that are not trees you sleep
and dream of average Joes and trains that are not trains

inhuman people, playing god, write out their epitaphs and fortunes:

your pen like silly putty printing mirrored verses
mocking poets' codes of conduct, bylaws
written waist-high on the wall.

The transubstantiation catches you off-guard,
you dip your pen once more to find
Our Savior's life-blood dripping from the
letters of your scrawl;

and senselessness transmutes your text
to whitespace, letters crawl away
like ants, it's time, don't miss your chance --

the Walrus beckons you behind his hanky.
Come and take a walk, we'll have a pleasant chat,
we'll have some oysters.

Carpenter, who's running late, will meet us at the dance.

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Saturday, July 21st, 2012

🦋 Notas breves y crípticas sobre la lluvia

por J Osner

(las que lea con disculpas a Roberto Bolaño: directed freewrite based on some references to rain in La universidad desconocida)

Mientras llueve sobre la extraña carretera
En donde te encuentras
Créeme que estoy
En el centro de mi habitación esperando
Que llueva. Está lloviendo:
Corriendo las aguas sobre
Los huecos vitreos, ventanas
Mis mejillas abajo
Y otras partes
Menos delicadas.
Tengo miedo
Créeme que tus huellas tan mojadas
Pulsan inquietante
     (And fade.)

posted evening of July 21st, 2012: 1 response
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🦋 Descending a staircase

...Not sure quite how many times of looking in passing at the cover of La universidad desconocida it took me, before it clicked what the picture I am looking at is...

For more Bolaño/Duchamp pairing, check out part 2 of Savage Detectives.

Loving the poems certainly. I need to read them more closely and repeatedly before I will have anything worthwhile to write about them though.

posted morning of July 21st, 2012: Respond
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🦋 My favorite tunnel is the one at 9th Street

es mi favorito, el túnel
el túnel del PATH a la calle 9a
con los tubos desciendo
homeward bound

posted morning of July 21st, 2012: Respond
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🦋 Thinking about Identification and Projection - ¡Inténtalo!

Why no flowers:
Señor Josner your sexless poems your notes cry out
They plead for love
For love
Be loved
Then love

que yo escribo
que yo intento
que yo intento escribir
que yo intento escuchar
escribiré, iré, iría

posted morning of July 21st, 2012: Respond
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Friday, July 20th, 2012

🦋 Let's Listen to

David Byrne and the Mysterians.

posted morning of July 20th, 2012: Respond

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