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R. Hitchcock

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Sunday, January 25th, 2015

🦋 New Kweskin, Old Kweskin

Went over to a friend's house from the have_moicy mailing list the other day, to see about some used Holy Modal Rounders records; wonder of wonders he turned out to have a whole bunch of Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band as well!

And now look! "Jim Kweskin in the 21st Century" -- featuring a new "Blues in the Bottle", plus guest appearances from David Grisman and John Sebastan, Maria and Geoff Muldaur -- is available on Spotify! and fantastic.

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Streets of Braddock
by The Modesto Kid

everything capo 8
(voicing of initial "walk" is a high F)

You're D walking your Am dog through the D streets of Am Braddock,
a D car door Am slams and she Em growls
and she's Am7 nervous Em now, she's pulling D you to the Am park,
I guess you G got an ap- Am -pointment with C7 me there after Em dark.

Somebody's D headlight Am shines through the D evening Am light
streetlights D mellow the Am cast of the Em evening Em7 shade
and you're Am7 nervous Em now, to think of D what may Am come
after your G lame prevari- Am -cations are C7 done and your plans are Em made.

You're walking D up Flood's Am Hill, the shade's D deeper Am now
the D trees are ragged Am shadows on the Em night's dark Em7 cowl
you hear the Am7 sound of a Em train, east- D -bound, running Am easy,
ci- G -cadas are Am buzzing at C7 twilight, and a distant Em howl.

solo, improvise

You're D walking your Am dog through the D streets of Am Braddock,
she D tugs at the Am leash and she Em7 barks
at the Am7 strange night-time Em shapes all a- D -round in the Am park,
I guess you G got an ap- Am -pointment with C7 (let ring) me here after dark.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

🦋 Alberdi

"SARGENTO: (...) ¡Saludad las revoluciones anónimas: ellas son los verdaderos triunfos de la libertad!"


No, señors: I am not great, I am not glorious; ...: a toast to the anonymous revolutions, for they are the true triumphs of liberty!

Juan Bautista Alberdi: el gigante amapolas y formidables enemigos: o sea fastos dramaticos de una guerra memorable.
Buenos Aires, Tinglado, 1954

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Sunday, January 11th, 2015

🦋 cementerio de San José, Granada

cementerio de San José

The earth there is a deep, raw red, and the olive trees that punctuate it are green and gray and very old. The cemetery wall is high and long, the same color as the earth, and it is crowned with rough clay tiles.
-- Jon Lee Anderson

aquí te fusilaron García Lorca
aquí sobre el rojo crudo de la tierra
se ha derramado tu sangre rojo cruda y

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🦋 Guía de Perplejos, pasajes

posted morning of January 11th, 2015: Respond
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Thursday, January first, 2015

🦋 Dad and

Yours truly in my father's arms, 1971

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🦋 mañana es otro dia

mañana es otro día
por J. Osner

nos unamos los manos:
nos giremos hacia el este
esperando al sol que teñirán
de rosa sus rayos el cielo negro;
nos dejarán saber
que empieza el nuevo día,
ese día hasta que postergábamos
todos los deseos más queridos.
agárrame a mí ahora la mano
y dime nuevamente, muévete:
nos ya estamos quemando
debajo del sol del mediodía.

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Thursday, December 25th, 2014

🦋 Christmas wishes

May all your tidings be explicitly comfortable and feasibly joyous; may all your glory be in the highest.

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

🦋 Go, little buddies, go!

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Saturday, December 13th, 2014

🦋 Genesis

Luminiferous Genesis
by J Osner

The first day was water. On the second day
water created earth.
On the third day mud

breathed air. On the fourth day creation blazed, and said
that it was good. Muddy reality,
eternally drying out in the heat

of the moment.

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