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Shanghai Love Motel

We're off to see them this evening, at the Yippie! Museum. Cool!

A little vacation coming up; on Monday we're flying away to St. Thomas for a week. I'm going to try and stay away from computers while we're there, unless a work emergency intrudes; so not blogging. Also I think I will take a vacation from my music: not bring along an instrument or an iPod, and only listen to new sounds. Send me your address (by Sunday) and I will send you a postcard.

Hmm, no SLM for us this evening. We did not feel up to the journey into the city -- instead we had a very nice dinner at home and watched Time Bandits, which Ellen has never seen before. What a great film -- I think it is the best ... fantasy? movie -- I hesitate to call Time Bandits "fantasy" but I guess all the lesser movies I associate it with are in that genre.

posted evening of Friday, February 15th, 2008
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