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Me and Gary, brooding (September 2004)


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We all know where we were born, o my brothers, but not where our bones will lie buried.

el Cristo de Elqui

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🦋 Where do you come from?

I kind of enjoy watching the Google referrals that float by on the right-hand side of the blog under "Where You Came From" -- idly tracking the number of searches that are likely for something that would appear on the page they accessed (ibant obscuri sola sub nocte per umbram) versus words that seem no more related to what I've published here than they would to a page chosen at random from the web (+"dolly parton" ​+sneezed). Here are some popular queries over the last few months:

  • 13 views: q=what+do+hobbits+look+like
  • 14 q=stroszek+soundtrack
  • 16 q=movies+about+outcasts
  • 17 q=museum+of+innocence
  • 20 q=el+libro+talonario+translation
  • 20 q=of+love+and+other+demons+analysis
  • 22 q=codex+seraphinianus+download
  • 31 q=the+hamlet+faulkner
  • 33 q=readin
  • 39 q=gordita+beach

posted evening of Sunday, November first, 2009
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