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Monday, January 12th, 2009

2666 group read

The bolano-l mailing list is hosting a group read of 2666, starting today. I'm sitting this one out, but if you're meaning to read the book I'm guessing this will be a very useful resource. (via The Howling Fantods.)

posted afternoon of January 12th, 2009: Respond
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Saturday, August 30th, 2008

I guess I will miss this one

So everyone is very excited about Bolaño's 2666, which will be available in English translation soon. I wish I could be! I just found out about this author's existence pretty recently, from Orbis Quintus IIRC; and I have had too much else on my reading plate to think about getting acquainted with him. Looks like I am going to miss out on a pretty major literary event; but I sort of don't want my first acquaintance with Bolaño to be this book. I reckon sometime down the road a little, I will start reading his short stories and work my way up to 2666 -- the cutting edge continues to elude me.

MetaFilter offers up some resources for readers interested in getting acquainted with Bolaño. (via Conversational Reading.)

posted evening of August 30th, 2008: 2 responses
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