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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

🦋 Blogging the Arctic

A boatload of artists is visiting the cold waters of the north, to see what they can of Greenland and its environment before that environment vanishes. You can read their ongoing account of their expedition, with pictures and video, at; and more images at their Flicker page.

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Friday, October third, 2008

🦋 More stuff from Greenland

First, just got to say this image (of houses in Uummannaq, shot by Nathan Gallagher) is one of the prettiest things I've seen all week. Uummannaq is the last human settlement they will see on their voyage north, as Robyn says it is "the last place we will visit on this trip that has an ATM."

Francesca Galeazzi did a performance piece yesterday, walking out onto the snow field of the Jakobshavns fjord with a cylinder of 6kg carbon dioxide and releasing it into the unspoiled beauty of the wilderness.

My first reaction to this is visceral disgust -- sort of, "You find a spot that's untouched and you 'pollute it' just to show that you can? What's the point, just to show yourself as a human and an asshole?" But her follow-up post from this morning makes what seems to me like a really good point:

Some of my fellow voyagers were upset about my piece because they could visualise that black ‚??nasty‚?? cylinder full of CO2 in a way that they couldn‚??t, if I told them that every time they drive their car for 30 miles they emit the same amount of carbon dioxide. So I wonder if the societal shift that I was advocating with my performance could be achieved if we would find a more direct way to visualise the Carbon impact of the resources we use!

This contextualizes the performance piece in a really useful way -- I think my original reaction is kind of the response she is looking for, and that she's trying to extend that visceral disgust to everyday polluting activities.

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Monday, October 6th, 2008

🦋 Up north

Lots of good stuff at the Disko Bay Expedition (which is almost over) this morning -- audio of Robyn jamming with his shipmates; pictures of Paradise Lost (Marcus Brigstocke, who played Satan, reports of KT Tunstall as Eve, "She‚??s a pushover ‚?? no wonder all humanity is bound to suffer for all eternity, banished from paradise forever if the likes of Tunstall are left in charge.") Feist paints a picture of towns in Greenland and the visual voyage; and best of all Brigstocke reports they have solved the global warming problem -- "It turns out it was the sun."

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