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I'm reading Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert, at Nathaniel's behest -- this is the first I am finally getting around to reading one of the huge spate of books produced by the political events of the past three years.

I have a problem with Ruppert's assertion that the human population explosion was caused by the availability of fossil fuel energy. (At least he seems to be making this assertion.) If you look at the graph that he claims shows this, the beginning of the explosion clearly dates back to the time of the industrial revolution. I believe that the availability of fossil fuels postponed the day of reckoning -- they allowed humanity to feed and (mostly) shelter its burgeoning ranks a little longer than Malthus thought we would be able to. With peak oil having passed that reckoning is now looming ever nearer.

posted afternoon of November 16th, 2004: Respond
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