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Researching lumber sources for the past few days I came up with this idea: I want to make a page devoted to lumberyards and sawmills in the area. There are already a number of online resources (including the very useful Woodfinder) which I am not really trying to duplicate; what I want to make is a list of personal picks from ww'ers I know and trust -- i.e. the WoodCentral crowd, as well as CJWA members. I have posted requests for recommendations in a couple of places and will see what comes of it.

I will be using this post as a holding area for candidates as I work on the list. Candidates so far:

  • Hutt Lumber, Newark
    I found this in the phone book while looking for soft maple for my upcoming bookcase project; I have not found anyone who has bought lumber there, but I think I will use it because they have the right price and are nearby. No weekend hours.
  • Monteath Lumber, South Amboy
    Recommended by several people incl. Lee Alexander, Phil Vitale, Bob Sheppard. They offer a 10% discount to CJWA members.
  • Rosenzweig Lumber, Bronx
    My primary source when I was in NY and they are still close enough by. No weekend hours.
  • NJ Hardwoods, Plainfield
    Recommended by Joe Hurst and by Bob Sheppard.
  • Wolbach Sawmill, Easton
  • Agincourt, Belle Mead
  • Bay Ridge Lumber, Bayonne
  • Northeastern Lumber, Jamesburg
  • US Mahogany, Matawan
    Recommended by Lee Alexander, Jack Feinstein, Philip Berman. 10% discount for CJWA members.
  • Medford Cedar Products, Bordentown
    Recommended by Jack Feinstein.
  • East Coast Log, Bloomsbury
    Recommended by Steve Antonucci. Wow ‚?? I just spoke to the owner of East Coast Log and he confirmed all lumber is $2/bf. He is around on Saturdays from 10-4. He has a lot of turnover so not all species will be in stock all the time.
    East Coast Log
    50 CR 639
    Bloomsbury, NJ 08804
    (908) 995-2902
  • Casterline, Morristown
    Recommended by Mike R. -- the man who works there gave him a lot of help though he did not end up buying the lumber. Also by Philip Berman who says they are a bit expensive.
  • Center Lumber, Paterson
    Recommended by Philip Berman.
  • Jay Samuels, and Rich O'Connor of WoodFinder, both write to recommend a number of smallish sawmills in NJ and PA.
  • John Aniano writes to recommend the unfortunately named Rippoff sawmill in Allentown, NJ; Mike Obertlick's sawmill in Howell, NJ; Willard Bros. in Trenton; and Josh Cavet's mill in NJ.
  • Congden Lumber in West Orange: very close to me and they have hours on Saturday morning.

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