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This summer (AD 2000), I have been building a bookcase -- I need somewhere to keep all these books! I will post a picture of it when I get done. Thanks to my Uncle Kim Saugstead for his invaluable advice and help.

I finished! Take a look at these pictures!


The bookcase is made of two independent pieces, the top and the bottom. The bottom piece is hung on the wall using a miter cut across the back -- i.e. the back panel is cut in half with a miter; the lower half is attached to the wall with screws; then the rest of the shelf is hung on top of that, with two screws put in the wall to anchor it. The top piece rests on the bottom piece, again with two screws to anchor it.

A hassle I ran into is that the floor and walls in my apartment are not perpendicular; how I dealt with this was to build the base of the shelf separate from the shelf itself. This also was a workaround that allowed me to leave the baseboard in behind the shelf.

Joints in this project are mostly done with dowels, except in a few places that did not need to bear any weight and were not visible, I just used nails. The molding is just glued onto the front. The material for the the body is 3/4" oak-veneer plywood, and for the molding is 1 X 1 oak and walnut strips. The main tools I used are: circular saw, power drill, router, back saw; hammers and clamps in profusion.