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Ce n'est pas avec des idées qu'on fait des vers, c'est avec des mots.

— Stéphane Mallarmé

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Tuesday the 16th

🦋 ¡Hagamos idioma!

Cuentista, son tus palabras
El idioma y nada más.
Cuentista, no hay idioma,
Se hace idioma al contar.
Al contar se hace idioma,
Y al recordar las pasajes contadas
Se oye el relato que nunca
Se ha de volver a narrar.
Cuentista no hay idioma
Sino espuma sobre las aguas.

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Monday the 15th

🦋 las alturas de Machu Picchu

¡Subiré a nacer contigo, herman@ poeta!

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Sunday the 14th

🦋 Prophesy: Laura's dream

In the dream it was a sunny morning after a night of heavy rain. Everyone was nervy because of an ancient prophesy: The morning sun sparkling on the waters of River X (which had been dry for all of recorded time -- the river had a name but I've forgotten it) would portend the end of days. So we walked down to and along the bed of the river, at every waystation I was pointing out to my friends how it was dry, nothing to worry about. We passed a concrete embankment with a light rill of water running down it, the sunlight sparkling. Beyond that was an ocean, where none had been before; its vastness was dumbfounding. Thousands were gathered there, standing on the shore, gawking.

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Sunday the 7th

🦋 Meh... What's up, doc?


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Saturday the 6th

🦋 Two things I wish the creators of The Simpsons would do:

  1. A remake of Yellow Submarine. Keep the soundtrack, new video track.
  2. This is the next adaptation that should be made of a Pynchon novel:

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Monday the first

🦋 Círculos

¡Felicidades al año nuevo, herman@s poetas!

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Sunday, December 31st, 2017

🦋 I dream of Antwoman

Deviant Madonna of the ants,
she listens to their chants,
she catches every glance,
she wants to but she can't...
Is this love?
Is this love?

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Saturday, December 30th, 2017

So what about a mashup of "In the Penal Colony" and "The Library of Babel"?

"So the prisoner goes on dying his inexorable death, his improbable death. The sentence engraved into his flesh mutates slowly, becomes itself the story, becomes all stories, an encyclopaedia of human knowledge written for all eternities on bodies which will rot away. The executioner turns away from the slaughter, lights a cigarette, walks slowly across the grounds to his barracks."

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Sunday, December third, 2017

🦋 Syndication

READIN syndication is once again live (after an interval of some years) at In case you're using Google Reader to manage your blog subscriptions... or you know, Feedly or something.

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🦋 Ani'nin sessizliği

Yet, can’t we do better than silence? Today, each student will receive a musical score and a instrument designed to imitate birds. A birdcall. Once in Ani everyone will hide in the ruins and start calling the birds. At first a few cries will interrupt the silence, then a melody will grow until a chorus of bird calls echo across the valley all the way to Armenia. And the singing will go on to the point of exhaustion, until the birds return to Ani and life comes back to the forgotten city.

The silence of Ani from Francis Alÿs on Vimeo.

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