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Sunday, August third, 2008

🦋 Gonzo: reached its audience

And since I was its audience, I was happy with it. Not sure I learned much about Thompson that I did not already know; but I liked watching the footage. His ex-wife, who got a lot of screen-time, was definitely the most interesting person they interviewed. I could have done without all the re-enactments of him typing stories, and I could totally have done without so much screen time devoted to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, easily the least interesting portion of the movie. I just absolutely did not get why they would use footage from the 1998 movie.

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🦋 Going out to the movies

We're going out tonight to see Gonzo -- how exciting!

I've loved Thompson's writing for a long time now, and am interested to see his life on the screen.

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Friday, July 4th, 2008

🦋 Gonzo

The new movie about Hunter Thompson sounds great. Hopefully Ellen and I will be able to line up babysitting and see it sometime soon.

Ellen was suggesting that my misunderstanding of the Nixon presidency might come from reading Thompson -- reading Thompson "too literally" or "too much as factual narrative" or something like that... And it's true that his books are one of my primary sources for information about those years. That and Doonesbury.

Happy Independence Day, everybody! I can hear firecrackers going off already though it seems a bit early for that. Oh, maybe that's thunder I guess. Looks like the weather forecast was correct.

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