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Los verdaderos poemas son incendios. La poesía se propaga por todas partes, iluminando sus consumaciones con estremecimientos de placer o de agonía.

Vicente Huidobro

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While I was buying peanuts today from a news vendor I witnessed a kind of funny transaction -- a man came up and asked the vendor for matches (a few times, as the vendor was dealing with another man buying a number of lotter tickets.) The vendor eventually took notice and handed the man a lighter. He said no, no, matches. The vendor then said "Matches, 5 cents!" So the man grumbled, fished out a dime and handed it over. The vendor gave him matches and a quarter, and he said hey, why are you giving me a quarter. The vendor refused to acknowledge that he had given incorrect change, repeating a few times "It's a nickel" even when the man showed him the quarter. So the man walked away, 15 cents richer.

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