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Liberty is not a woman walking the streets, she is not sitting on a bench waiting for an invitation to dinner, to come sleep in our bed for the rest of her life.

José Saramago

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🦋 Blogroll Amnesty Day

Here is a nice idea from Jon Swift: time to add a couple of blogs I've been reading and liking but not linking to. (Swift says "link to some smaller blogs that you've been reading"; I take this to mean "smaller than your site", which would be just about impossible for me. So I'm going to publish links to a couple of sites I'm reading, irrespective of their size.)


posted afternoon of Saturday, January 31st, 2009
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Thanks, Jeremy!!

I have a Crush Object at work, who offered me the Lobo Antunes. She stalled on it. I held off, because I have a bit of a reading backlog. I know you've been writing on it for a while; is it Top Priority?? She's currently doing Goytisolo (sp.), and she's real big on Pamuk and Saramago. She's one of us in other words(and hott as well). My problem is I have much to read, but these authors take on a greater significance when friends are involved.

posted evening of January 31st, 2009 by paledave

She's one of us in other words(and hott as well).

Ooh, good combination!...

I'm stalled on the Lobo Antunes and thinking that it is just a really bad first book by him to read -- I got nothing out of the amount I read besides some strong æsthetic appreciation; and it seemed from what everybody else was writing about it that there's more there than pretty prose. I'm going to read Getting to Know Hell (I think is the title) before I start this one again.

posted evening of January 31st, 2009 by Jeremy


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