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Listen, this process called poetry is an exercise in imagining memory, and then having that memory snare and cherish imagination.

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🦋 Sur

I am not the first author of the story called "The Library of Babel"; those curious as to its history and prehistory may consult the appropriate page of Sur, No. 59, which records the heterogeneous names of Leucippus and Lasswitz, Lewis Carroll and Aristotle.
—foreword to The Garden of Forking Paths
Victoria Ocampo (sister-in-law of Bioy Casares and an important figure in the Buenos Aires literary scene, and the dedicatee of the title story "The Garden of Forking Paths") published Sur from 1931 until 1992 -- regularly until 1966 and infrequently thereafter. What a wealth of literature must be in those volumes! I am not finding volume 59 online anywhere -- Abebooks has a couple of editions for sale; La Biblioteca Virtual Cervantes has digitized Volumes I - VI. Maybe the NYPL would have it in their collection... off to check in with a couple of librarian friends for advice.

Update: Found it!

posted afternoon of Saturday, May 29th, 2010
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Worldcat says that the NYPL has a paper copy. It is entirely possible it has not been scanned and published on the net.

posted morning of May 30th, 2010 by Randolph

Yep, NYPL has a couple of issues of Sur in their catalog (also their rare books room has a manuscript copy of "The Lottery of Babylon", which sounds pretty exciting...) -- however notice the date, the "Homenaje a César Paladión" is from Sur #288, many years later. (I just used this image because it was the closest one to hand -- I wasn't able to find any images of Sur #59. This image is from an Abebooks listing.) Likewise Zubal Books claim they have most issues between #203 and #333, which is all in the 60's and later.

posted afternoon of May 30th, 2010 by Jeremy


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