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🦋 Bookshopping

Me and Sylvia spent the afternoon in Maplewood yesterday, we went down to [words] bookstore looking to add to her collection of Tintin books (she picked up The Seven Crystal Balls and, hence, will be back soon for Prisoners of the Sun) and came away with some unexpected but promising finds; and went over to the pizzeria to eat some ices and read. I found two books that just demanded for me to own them based on their mere existence -- it seems like there is no way for me to coexist in a world which contains the book The Adventures of Hergé without owning a copy of it; and similarly for the new Penguin edition of Graves' Greek Myths, with an introduction by Rick Riordan. (The bookshop has unaccountably categorized the latter as a "Graphic Novel" -- this worked out well as that was the section I was browsing in.)

We spent some time this morning reading Graves' take on The Gods of the Underworld, comparing the details to the stories she knows from Riordan's novels...

posted morning of Monday, May 28th, 2012
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